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Fashion Accessories

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Festival, Party & Wedding

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We supply one-stop service in market,help customer to import goods from Yiwu market China easily: Sourcing products or market guide,buying and export agent.

Yiwu market established its fame around the world for cheap price for OK quality. Buyers flock in for better price.

Following are lists of  the Yiwu Market:

Yiwu International Trade Mart District 1


1F Artificial Flower ,Toy, Flower Accessories

2F Hair Ornament Jewelry & Ornament

3F Ornament Accessories ,Frame, Ceramic & Crystal, Tourism Craft ,Festival Craft ,Decorative Craft

4F Taiwan Mall(Flower/Ornaments/Craft)

Factory Outlets(Toy/Flower/Ornaments/Accessories)

Yiwu International Trade Mart District 2


1F Rain Wear & Pack Suitcase & Bag Umbrella

2F Electrial Products, Hardware Tools/Accessories ,Lock, Vehicle

3F Kitchen & Sanitary Hardware ,Small Home Appliances

Telecommnications Electronic, Appliances & Photographic Equipment

Battery/Lamp/Flash Light(Electronics) Clock & Watch

4F Hardware & Electronics

5F Export  Featured Products

Yiwu International Trade Mart District 3


1F New Year Picture,Wall Calendary&Couplet

1F Pen & Ink & Paper ,Eyeglasses

2F Leisure & Entertainment Products ,Sports Goods, Office & Study Stationery

3F Mirror & Comb Button & Zipper, Cosmetic Accessories, Cosmetics Beauty Products ,Apparel Accessories

4F Factory Outlets-Cosmetics/Beauty/Products

Factory Outlets-sports goods & stationery/outdoor products

5F Paintings/Frame

Yiwu International Trade Mart District 4


1F Socks/Leggings

2F Knitted Goods, Hat & Cap, Gloves ,Daily Necessities ,Earmuffs

3F Caddice, Towel Thread & Tape Shoes, Lace Tie

4F Belt Bra & Underwear Scarf

5F Shoes ,Daily Necessities Garments, Tourism and Shopping Center, Frame/Accessories

Yiwu International Trade Mart District 5


1F African Products Exhibition & Trade Center ICM-Ornaments/Crafts ICM-Garments/Daily Consumable ICM-Foods/Healthy Products

2F Bedding, Chinese Knot DIY ,Handicraft

3F Curtain Cloth, Knitted Cloth ,Knitted Fabric

4F Car & Motorcycle Accessories ,Car Necessities Commodity

5F Online Services Virtual shops


1F Trousers Jeans

2F Men’s Wear

3F Women’s Wear

4F Pajamas Sweater Sports Wear

5F Children’s Wear

Yiwu Production Material Market

1F Printing & Packing Machine, Industry Electrical Machine

Logistics Equipment, Artificial Flower Accessories

2F Food Processing Machine ,Printing & Packing Machine

Engine & Generating Equipment, Ribbon Loom & Injection Machine,

Measuring Tools & Knife

3F Home-decoration, Light Lighting Equipment, Festival Light Engineering  Light, Delicate Home Lightings Area

4F Leather

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