KN95 Mask


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Item Introduction:

Material:Non-woven Fabric, Solvent Spray, Thermal Insulation Cotton
Weight: 5.5g / Mask
Size :10.5×15.5cm
Quantity:10 Masks / Pack

Item Details:

* Preserves heat and is waterproof
* Soft texture and comfortable wear
Face-Protective-KN95-Mask-5-Ply-Anti-Dustproof-Facial-Anti-Haze-Anti-Dust-Mask-Safety-FilteringFast-Delivery-KN95-Dustproof-Anti-fog-And-Breathable-Face-Masks-Filtration-Mouth-Masks-5-Layer-MouthFast-Delivery-KN95-Dustproof-Anti-fog-And-Breathable-Face-Masks-Filtration-Mouth-Masks-5-Layer-Mouth (1)
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KN95 Non Medical Mask, KN95 Medical Mask